Hire our writers to transcribe audio, images or video into text

Off load your transcription needs with us! Our writers will accurately transcribe anything you want into text!

Our writers come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are accomplished authors, while others may simply have vast expertise in a certain subject. It doesn't matter what topic you need a writer for, we can handle it with over 30,000 hand-vetted writers on our platform.

Transcription done right. Fast, accurate and inexpensive.

Video, audio or images directly into text
Transcribe your competitors video sales letters to get their script
Time stamping feature helps you keep track of where in the video the text is located
Never pay unless you're fully satisfied

HireWriters will help you save time, and money. Quality content doesn't have to cost a fortune. Do what you do best, and let us handle all of the writing!

I've used this feature dozens of times, to transcribe my competitors video sales letters. It's an amazing resource and is very inexpensive. Highly Recommended.

Fred O.

Here is why you should choose HireWriters for your transcription project:

No more spending countless hours transcribing audio, video or images with text in them. Let our writers handle it for you while you spend your time elsewhere.

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Provide Us:

  • Brief project description
  • File, or URL of file to be transcribed
  • Length in minutes of file to be transcribed
  • The price you're willing to offer
  • Any special instructions you may have for the writer

We Provide:

  • Immediate posting of your project to our writers
  • Unlimited free revisions
  • Fast turnaround time
  • 100% accurately transcribed content
  • Friendly customer support

HireWriters answers
your frequently asked questions

What types of things can you transcribe?

Audio, video with audio, images that have text on them. Unfortunately, we are unable to transcribe anything that isn't in digital format (for example, a physical book). It needs to be accessible on the web, or you can send us the file.

How long does it take to get something transcribed?

This depends entirely on the amount of content to be transcribed. We do have an expedite option that would allow you to get most content transcribed by our writers within 6 hours of our writers accepting the job.

You mentioned a time stamping feature. How does that work?

This is primarily for audio, or video with audio. The transcribed text you receive will have time stamps on each line, so you can easily reference at what point in the video, or audio, the text is referring to. It's pretty neat! We recommend it, especially for larger projects.

What format do I get the transcribed text in?

You will receive it in .txt, .docx and .html format.

I have a lot of transcription work. Can you handle it all?

That's one of the benefits of using our platform. We have thousands of writers, and you can divide up the work amongst them. Whether it's 1 minute, or 2000 hours worth, we'll be able to handle it for you.

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