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HireWriters is an Author community for beginners, veteran publishers and authors, as well as agents and editors in the commercial publishing business who are actively searching for project authors for single, multiple and contract written articles.

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  • How do I join and hire writers to do jobs for me?

    You can sign up for FREE by clicking here. After you sign up, you will get an email from us that contains an activation link. Please click that link and then log into with the email and password you chose when signing up with

  • How soon can I get an article written?

    As soon as a writer accepts your job, which should happen within a matter of minutes, they typically have 1 day to complete your job, however, you may opt to get it completed in as little as 6 hours if you'd like. You then review it and make sure you are happy with it, and if you wish, have the writer make some changes for you. After you are satisfied, you can accept the article and are free to use it any way you like.

  • How can I be sure the content I receive is original?

    We use the Copyscape API to automatically check any content submitted by our writers to ensure it is original, and not plagiarized. The check is run before you even see the article so there is no chance you will ever receive something that doesn't pass Copyscape. If a writer attempts to submit unoriginal material, their account is automatically banned for life.

  • Can I pick the writer I want to do the job for me?

    Yes, as long as the writer agrees. You can search for writers based on many different things, such as their industry background, their experience level and number of jobs they have completed in the past.

  • Can I stop certain writers from seeing jobs I post?

    Yes, you can block any writer you wish. They will not be able to contact you, or do any writing jobs for you.

  • How cheap can I get an article written?

    You can get articles as cheap as $1.50 for a short article.

  • What is the minimum deposit amount?

    Currently, the minimum amount you can deposit is $10

  • I’ve ordered some work; the money has already been taken from my account. Now what?

    When you order work, the cost of the job goes into escrow, so that you can be sure it’s available when the time comes to accept work. Only when work is accepted does the money finally leave your account. If you reject the work you are sent, the money will automatically come out of escrow and back into your account.

  • I've posted my job; now what?

    Work posted at the Skilled and Expert level generally goes fast. At others levels, we sometimes have a lot of work available, and of course it is a market place. We also let you feature your job, or pay more than the standard rates (what we quote is pricing is just a suggested price, you can offer more to the writers if you wish), you’ll find that work gets picked up more quickly. You might also check your job description – long and over complicated instructions, or instructions which are not very clear, may prevent your job being accepted fast.

  • Do I have to accept an article or job I'm not happy with?

    No, absolutely not. If you are not happy with the work for any reason, you aren't obligated to pay for it and you are able to reject the writer's work. However, once you have accepted the work from the writer, the work is no longer refundable. We give you 72 hours to review the work before it is automatically accepted.

  • Who owns the copyright to the written content I receive?

    After you accept the work from the writer, they transfer the exclusive copyright to this material to you, and you alone. After that, you may do anything you wish with it.

  • What happens if the writer doesn't complete my job in time?

    This happens very rarely, but if it does occur, the writer will be penalized, and your job will automatically be picked up by another qualified writer - totally seamlessly to you!

  • How can I communicate with writers?

    There is a message function on your account which you should use to communicate with writers. You should check your messages regularly when you have work in progress, as writers may need to ask you questions.You are also able to post instructions to the writer when you initially create your jobs. We ask that you keep all communication on our website and do not exchange personal contact information with our writers.

  • I am downloading my article and there is an option that says "Download W/Spin Tags". What does that mean?

    In addition to downloading your normal article, we allow you to download your article with "spin tags" which is essentially the same article with variations for certain phrases that were used throughout the article. This is typically used to help increase search engine positioning. While most places online charge you for this feature, we offer this service for free.

  • I have an idea to make better, who should I contact?

    Please Contact Us with any comments or suggestions. If it is an idea we haven't had suggested to us already, and we decide to do what you recommended, we will credit your account $10.

  • How do I make money writing articles?

    Simply signup for free Here. After you sign up, you will get an email from us that contains an activation link. Please click that link and then log into with the email and password you chose when signing up with Next, you will want to click on the "Edit My Account" link at the top of the page once you are logged in. You are not required to, but it helps if you submit a writing sample for clients to see when they are searching for writers. You should also submit keywords you want want to show up for in the search results when clients are searching for you.

  • How do I get paid?

    We pay our writers automatically every Friday as long as you have more than $10 in your account. We use PayPal to send out the payments which means you need a valid PayPal address to get paid.

  • How much can I earn writing articles?

    At, we have a rating system where the better ratings you get, you advance in your level: Beginner, Average, Skilled and Expert. As you complete more writing jobs, you will advance and be able to earn more money per article. Other factors as to how much you earn depend on how many writing jobs you are doing per day.

  • Can you give me an example of how much I could earn writing an article?

    If you are just starting out and are a "Beginner", if you write a 300-500 word article (very short) you could earn $2.25. If you were an expert writer, you could earn $10.66. If you are a talented writer, you could possibly write more than 20 of these per day or more.

  • How do I advance in rank and eventually become an expert writer?

    We have four different ranks currently. Every new writer, regardless of skill, starts out as a beginner on our site. You can then advance to "general", "skilled" and finally "expert".

    Moving up in rank is dependent on the reviews you receive from our clients, number of jobs completed and also how "on time" you are with our clients. We break it down below:

    Beginner - This is where everyone starts.

    General - At least 3 completed jobs, with an average rating of 4 stars and at least on-time 73% of the time.

    Skilled - At least 8 completed jobs, with an average rating of 4.2 stars and at least on-time 82% of the time.

    Expert - At least 15 completed jobs, with an average rating of 4.6 stars and at least on-time 90% of the time.

  • How many writer accounts can I have?

    We only allow one writer account per person. Please do not sign up for multiple accounts.

  • What countries do you accept writers from?

    Currently we are accepting writers from the United States of America, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand.

  • What currency do you pay writers in?

    All payments are in U.S. Dollars.

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