How Long Does It Take For Funds To Arrive?

Modified in June 23rd 2021 06:46 PM UTC

When you make a deposit with us, usually your account is credited within 5-10 seconds.  In some circumstances, if you do not return to our website after you make the deposit via PayPal, and stay on the PayPal page without returning back to your account, your deposit may be delayed. 

If this happens, please do not worry.  Simply contact us and provide your username and PayPal transaction number, and we'll be sure to credit your account right away.

Again, to avoid this situation, please simply click the link to return back to your account on HireWriters, and refresh your accounting page to see the balance reflected.

Crypto currency deposits may take awhile to credit to your account vs. traditional deposit methods (PayPal, or Credit Cards).  Once the transaction is confirmed, your account will be instantly credited however, so please do not worry.