Get price per job and total project price

Method for getting project prices

Request URL:





token: (Access Token) Required
project_type: Project Type(int) Required
minimum_article_price: Minimum price per job - 0 by default
length_range: Article Length Range Required
jobs_count : (int) Jobs count - 1 by default
invited_writers : id of invited writer - empty by default
article_rewrite : if article is rewrite type - false by default
writer_level_id : (int) id of Writer Skill Level:
is_featured : (bool) if project is feature - false by default
transcription_minutes : (int) Number of Minutes If Project is "Transcription Work" - false by default
time_stamping : (bool) Add Time Stamping If Project is "Transcription Work" - false by default


JSON Object - Total project price and price per job